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SmartWash Pricing

We have worked hard to create unbeatable prices that fit your needs perfectly. We take pride in understanding what makes each of us unique so we can give back more than just a great cleaning experience. It is an investment toward success as well. Everyone deserves access to top-quality services at an affordable rate, no matter how big or small their budget.

Wash & Fold Prices



per pound
$30.00 minimum.
FREE Pick Up & Delivery!
Next day service.



per pound
$15.00 minimum.
Same day service if dropped off before noon.
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The future is here! Introducing our time saver plans, Swift Savings is your next generation. We'll take care of everything from scheduling to washing for an affordable price that won't break the bank.

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Once a year we have our best special ever! During double

dollar days, your money is worth two times the amount! This is

an in-store only promotion that requires you to have our SW


Drop your drawers here.

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