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The Future of Doing Laundry is Here!

While in our facilities spend time relaxing with our complimentary Wi-Fi or watching one of the many big screen TV's situated throughout the stores.  Also, enjoy snacks and beverages from our vending area. So unplug those washers and dryers at home, put some time back in your day and let us "wow" you with our concierge laundry service.  You'll start looking forward to laundry day!

Call Us

Our stores are both fully staffed (minus three days out of the year), so there's always someone to talk to if you have a question or need assistance. We keep our machines in excellent working order and our facilities clean and maintained. We want you to know that the whole SmartWash team really cares. If you'd like, contact us by filling out the web form or give us a call at (815) 940-5040  to let us know how we could improve your experience.

SW Benefits

In addition, by registering your SmartWash Club Card you will earn points and prizes for every dollar spent. Using the our payment system is fast and easy. There will be instructions on how to work the machine posted at the station, or our friendly on-site attendant will gladly give you a live tutorial. You can also get an online instructions to see how fun and easy doing laundry is in our facility.

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SmartWash Laundry Centers offer a laundry experience like no other. Our super clean facility, safe environment, friendly staff, and state-of-the-art equipment sets us a part from all the rest. Most important and impressive is that we are the only laundromat in the entire area that boasts advanced technology by providing both cash and coinless payment systems in either of our locations. With our revolutionary SmartWash Laundry Card system you can get your laundry done conveniently and in a fraction of the time it used to take you. 

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Kick Back & Relax

With our innovative payment systems you can use cash, credit or debit card to load funds onto your Smartwash Card. If you have funds left, no problem, put your card in your pocket and use it on your next visit. Our entire facility is operated utilizing your SmartWash Card. Use your card or app for everything including washers, dryers, wash, dry, fold services, vending machines and “customers only” washroom access.

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Laundry: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That.

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