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Let's talk about Valentine's stains

Don't let laundry mishaps mess up your Valentine's Day! Check out these helpful tips to make sure any common stains are easily taken care of.


It is the official food of Valentines Day, right?! Most of us love chocolate but it can get a little messy. So how do you get a chocolate stain out of your shirt when you have a chocolate accident? First, soak in cold water and pretreat remaining stain. (Bad stains, you can put in the refrigerator so the stain doesn’t spread more, then scrape off.) Then follow the care instructions on your clothing. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Good as new!

Red Wine

It will be ok, I repeat, it will be ok! Blot away the wine as soon as you can, don’t wipe-as you don’t want to spread the wine. Cover the stain with distilled white vinegar. Then sprinkle salt over the stain a

nd let dry. Next, you need to be careful and pour hot water of the stain. Stay 12 inches away from the stain and be careful! Rinse, repeat as necessary. Then wash according to clothing care instructions. Do not dry until you are satisfied with the cleaning of the stain.

Make Up

It happens, it’s fine…it’s fine…it’ll be ok! First, try and get off any excess that you can by dabbing the stain. You can use cold water or rubbing alcohol. Soak with a pretreatment cleaner then wash according to care instructions. Rinse and repeat as necessary!

Stain removal can be a tricky business, and sometimes you might have to make several attempts before it's successful. DO NOT GIVE UP– take your time with the stain 2-3 times if needed! Just remember that between each treatment, always wash out the fabric. And don’t dry anything until you are happy with the stain removal.

Oh – one more thing: don't forget to read those product labels and clothing care instructions first for best results. 🤓

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