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Preguntas frecuentes

  • What are your hours?
    At SmartWash Laundry Center we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, we're open on holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas at SmartWash Laundry Center, "We Never Close"! Simply register your SmartWash Laundry Center card and access our facility whenever you choose. Check out holiday hours page to see when our attendants are on duty between the hours of 7:00am-9:00pm.
  • What size washers and dryers do you have?
    Our state of the art equipment works like no other machines around. The inventory of machines range from 20lb washers, for smaller loads, up to 80lb machines, to handle your largest items or loads imagined. We have 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 60lb, and 80lbs machines in our store. The technology of these machines spin your laundry at 200 G-Force, removing more water from your clothes, resulting in shorter dry, saving you time and money! Our facility also has thirty-six 45lbs dryers. Never wait!! These innovative dryers, direct all the heated air through your laundry load at the optimum time in the tumble process. This means faster dry times for you, our customer.
  • Is this a national chain or franchise?
    No, SmartWash Laundry Center & SmartWash Coin is locally owned and operated by a family right here in Bourbonnais, IL.
  • Is your Laundromat attended?
    Yes, SmartWash Laundry Center is attended by the friendliest attendants from 7:00am - 9:00pm. We believe in not only investing in high quality equipment, but also investing in high quality people. Our attendants are highly trained, and ready to help you anytime they’re on duty.
  • Do I have to be home when you pick up or deliver my clothes?
    No, but you must provide clear instructions as to where we can find your SmartWash laundry bag and where to drop it off. Most people leave their laundry bag on the porch, in/next to their garage, by their back door, etc.
  • Is there anything to entertain us while we’re waiting on our laundry?
    Yes, our location has three flat panel TV’s, FREE Wi-Fi, and in store vending machines.

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