Laundry Facts

Random Laundry Facts, Who Knew!?

March 19, 2019

  1. The average American family does 8-10 loads of laundry per week.
  2. Only 21.2% of American households use a clothesline.
  3. ​If you dream that you are doing your laundry, it suggests that you are cleaning up your act or changing your image because you are concerned about how you appear to others.
  4. If you dream that you are having someone else do your laundry, you've been gossiping. Someone's dirty laundry is out there.
  5. In the United States Air Force, no airman goes on any flight without his laundry bag.  In military lingo, a laundry bag is a parachute.
  6. The first washing machine was invented in 1782 by H. Sidgier of Great Britain.
  7. 70% of dirt on your clothes is invisible.
  8. Dryers have only been around for 200 years, however ironing was a thing 1000 years ago.

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