SmartWash Loyalty Card Instructions

(573 WM Latham Drive; Bourbonnais, IL 60914)

  1. This is a touch-activated screen that gives you instructions, verbally, in writing and in pictograms.
  2. Touch the screen to begin.
  3. Choose English or Spanish Language.
  4. Three options will be displayed:
    1. Acquire a new card.
    2. Check existing card’s balance.
    3. Add value to an existing card.
  5. To acquire a new card or add value, you will be prompted to either use cash or a debit/credit card.
  6. You can add any amount of cash, or from $10.00 to $99.00 on your debit or credit card, onto your SmartWash Loyalty Card.
  7. Insert existing card into the X-changer to either add value or check the value on that card.

Washer Instructions:

  1. Load machine with items to be washed
  2. Close and lock the door
  3. Select wash cycle
  4. Add desired laundry products
  5. Insert and remove card
  6. Washer will start

Dryer Instructions:

  1. Load machine with items to be dried
  2. Add fabric softener sheet, if desired
  3. Close the door
  4. Insert and remove card
  5. Press “select temperature cycle” button
  6. For additional drying time, insert card again and press temp/cycle and/or “start” button.

SmartCoin FASCard Instructions:

The FASCard App

FasCard QR Reader

Download the app on your smartphone, create an account & add value.
Receive a $5 bonus just for loading the app and creating an account by scanning the QR code below via the app.

FasCard QR Google Play Badge Apple App Store Badge

With the FasCard app you can:

  • Mange loyalty points
  • Add value
  • Remotely check machine availability
  • Request cycle completion notifications
  • Start machines
  • Earn discount & loyalty points

Machines will accept:

  • Coins (quarters and/or whole dollars)
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Start any machine using the FasCard app