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At SmartWash Laundry Center we use a loyalty card system. This was developed for convenience and to save you money! Every time you add money (cash, credit or debit) to your card, we add money to your card as well. You also get bonus points that go toward free washes. See a store attendant for […]

SmartWash VIP List

Want to be on our VIP list to receive special discounts and offers? Text JJ899 to 36000 to get special promotions such as “double your money”. Take advantage if this free opportunity!

April Special

April Special: Bring in your comforters and WE will wash, dry & fold them for 1/2 off. That would be $1.00/lb! The time it takes you = 4 minutes. 2 minutes to drop it off and 2 minutes to pick it up.