Water Temperature

Washing: Cold Water Cold water is good for fine fabrics and delicates, sweaters, denim, and clothes that may shrink. It also protects new items with dark and bright colors from running. Washing: Warm Water Warm water works best with whites and lights. Combined with detergent, the water temperature helps lift soil and stains while removing […]

Calling All Equestrians

Not sure where to wash your horse blankets and other supplies?  Come to SmartWash Laundry Center.  We can help you with all your washing needs.  Our 80 lb. washing machines will be plenty big to hold all your largest blankets.  Our washing machines spin with such a high G-Force that it will extract all the […]

No Quarters Here

At SmartWash Laundry Center we use the latest, most innovative technology available in the laundry industry.  From our high-tech machines to our coinless operating card system, you won’t be disappointed.  Leave your quarters at home!  We operate completely on a SmartWash loyalty card.  Our card machine accepts cash, credit and debit.  Nervous taking that first step?  Let our friendly attendants […]